Q. Will this fit my boat?

Our one new fits all known tow boats with standard 2.5 inch pylon mid mounted such as Nautique, Malibu, Mastercraft, Tige, Sanger, Moomba etc. In fact we haven’t come across a boat that it hasn’t fitted up to now. This one size fits all poles unlike others on the market which require a different mount for Mastercraft, Malibu and Nautique etc!

if you have any doubts please contact us and include your boats make and model.

Q. Is this complex to install

This device is so simple to fit, you don’t even need to loop your ski line, just hook your line over the ski pole (as pictured) then simply slide your E-Z-CAM unit over the top. It will then come to rest at the line and you can hit record.

mount for boats cam3

Q. Is the E-Z-CAM robust?

As there are no moving components and due to its simplistic design it is expected that it will last for many years of pleasure. As the product is made from plastic and perspex materials it is non-brittle, waterproof and even salt water resistant. This item is not sharp or heavy and will store easily.

Q. Why isn’t the line looped to the ski pole in the conventional manner?

As the body of the unit fit snugly over the pole it is impossible for the line to jump off.

Q. Will this damage my boat?


Q. Will my camera / camcorder fit?

We have found that 97% of all manufacturers of cameras / camcorders will fit this mount. On the underside of cameras / camcorders you will find a mount screw fixing hole as seen below, if your camera / camcorder has one of these then it will fit.

cam61 dsc00028

Q. Where do you ship to?

Worldwide!  Shipping costs my vary

Q. Is this unit really as effective as you say?

After many hours of vigorous testing on various ski boats we have found that even in rough conditions your E-Z-CAM unit will stay amazingly stable throughout its recording process and ensure the capture of even your wildest tricks. This mounting position is considered the most stable part of the boat (Unlike Wake towers where cameras will be subject to heavy vibration and picture blurring) As you pull off with your skier and the line becomes taught your E-Z-CAM unit will follow the path of the line with little or no vibration and is guaranteed to give perfect results every time see video below.

Q. What is line slap?

Line slap is caused, as tension in the line is lost. The line will go slack and as the tension is taken up again by the power of the boat the line will jerk viciously. This causes a sudden shock vibration to the part of the line where other camcorder mounts pick up their directional contact. Thus causing horrid shudders to your recording. Due to the unique design of the E-Z-Cam we have found that the further to the pole that you go the less likely you are to receive “slap”. Our products last exit point is no more than 15MM from the tie point to ensure little or no slap at all.

Q. Why isn’t the line looped to the ski pole in the conventional manner?

For 2 reasons:

  • “IMPORTANT” it is vital that the rope loop is placed over the pole (without double looping) this is because it is this action that is needed so as the tension is taken up, the loop will hug the slot in the pole firmly and give accurate movement of the unit!
  • The rope does NOT need to be double loop tied, as when the “E-Z-CAM”  body is slotted over the body of the pole, it is trapped and therefore cannot jump off!



Q. Why buy “easy cam” ?

A. With competition ski boat becoming ever more popular with such sports as wake boarding, trick skiing, Barefoot and hydro foiling etc and memory cards being so easy to use not to mention small versatile and waterproof camera’s etc it makes perfect sense to capture those great moments, if not to replay and learn from your mistakes but to maybe just watch the successful moves or the wipe outs!

Q. Is this great or what

A. Like many water sports items, this has been designed and tested by a Water ski Instructors using many different boats, conditions and ski disciplines

a plastic durable casing which slides as your rope moves following your skier etc

fits most makes of ski boat including, Malibu, Nautique, Mastercraft, tige etc

houses camcorders and camera’s securely in seconds ready to record

  1. simply put the loop of your rope (without double looping) over your ski pole (as in video)
  2. slide over the “EASYSKI” cam mount – (the pole will stop at it’s perfect position when the rope seats at the maximum slot allowance)
  3. screw the fixing into the camera/camcorder etc and follow general bracket/line direction
  4. begin your recording


it’s simple, cheap and very effective !  simple to use and giving excellent results every time – a must on all ski boats

capture those special moments for YouTube or your collection!