Water Ski Boat Camera Mount

Professional Water Ski Boat Camera Mount

For a Water Ski Boat Camera Mount that is designed to be a simple but effective way of getting the best recording results on ski boats, look no further!

This Professional Water Ski boat camera mount fits MASTERCRAFT, MALIBU, NAUTIQUE etc..

Now Available with iPod, iPhone and Camcorder mounts!

New 5th generation e-z-cam multi mount now £79 inc FREE UK delivery

$119 delivered worldwide

The best and cheapest boat mount on the market by far

Designed to be a simple but effective way of getting the best recording results on ski boats. The E-Z-Cam mount takes most cameras and camcorders

Why ours is the best recording mount:

The e-z-cam tube slot design is unique and was invented in the UK back in 2002 by British water ski instructors in the West Midlands, its design is “UNIQUE” for the following reasons:

1) from all mounts on the market we tested it was the most stable and easy to use.

2) unlike similar copied tube design mounts out there our mount fits all boats!!

3) it’s “UNIQUE” design incorporates two separate mounts on our 5th generation “MULTIMOUNT” which means it can house ALL phones, cameras, camcorders and even any Go-Pro, it is the only “MULTIMOUNT” on the market!

4) specially designed tube: This is the key to a fantastic recording result. unlike other tube mounts on the market our tube is made of a duel layer pipe (black tough outer layer and a second ABS bonded grey inner sleeve which is exactly heat tempered to hug your ski pole snugly and eliminate the vibration which other tubes on the market suffer from. Our tube is heat treated after cutting, we shrink it making it the perfect fitting to Nautiques, Mastercraft and Malibu ski boats etc

5) our 1 tube will fit all makes and models of boat meaning if you own more than 1 ski boat you can simply swap it over (or lend it to your friends on their boats)

6) unlike other mounts, our 5th generation “MULTIMOUNT” has an easy fast fit screw which keeps your camera secure on the top mount (takes 10 seconds to fit on)

7) our lower mount which is great for phones can swivel 360 degrees meaning you can switch it around and record in panoramic!

8) our “UNIQUE” single tube slot design means you can do fast rope shortenings when skiing and unlike other market products the rope is designed to go back out the front of the slot to where it enters and coil by the engine cover (this is preferred by drivers as with duel slot tubes the rope gets tangled around the drivers feet!)

9) is in place and ready to record your sets in less than 10 seconds!!

10) robust, attractive and easy to store.

This is a superb and tried and tested mount and a fantastic addition to any Boat it has been used and loved by champions across the world.

New 2015 multi mount available NOW!

Boat Mount iPhone Water ski boat camera mount

More details…

Note how the tube is specially manufactured from duel layer plastic tubing, 0.8mm outer (black) shell & the heat treated inner (grey) this is what makes our tubes hug the pole at just the right pressure. It has taken us over 5 years to get this tube manufactured to this high specification!

See how our tubes taper more towards the bottom, this is how and why our mount is practically vibration free and fits all makes and models! The heat shrink is the key here..

Showing how the camera looks when fitted onto the tube

Illustrated in this picture is our limited edition white tube showing a big old camcorder from the 90′s! No need to chuck out or replace you old gear if you don’t want to ( the mount was developed using this type of camcorder and records best of all along with palmcorders we feel)

E-z-cam multi mount top cap which will take a camera or camcorder, notice on the underside of the camera the screw hole (all cameras and camcorders have these) just simply screw the camera finger tight onto the mount cap and then insert cap and camera back onto the tube, press record and your good to go….

Unlike other ski-pole camera mounts this mount it instant to assemble with no bolts is waterproof and stores easily in a boat.

The main advantage of the E-Z-cam ski boat camera mount is its ability to overcome line slap from slack line.

See our FAQ’s section – how it works

Disclaimer: Our mount will house most types of recording equipment including phones, cameras, camcorders, go-pro etc and as we all know I’m sure are delicate and expensive!
We recommend that you treat your chosen recording device with care and remember that the environment in which your going to operate it can be both bumpy and wet/damp!
Although we have never experienced any issues up to date, one example is that there is a risk that a skier may loose grip of the handle under tension on a pull out sending the handle hurtling towards your equipment so keep this in mind as we cannot accept ANY claims for equipment damaged under ANY circumstances or for ANY reason. The E-Z-CAM mount is used solely at the users risk